The Canadian Cattle Genome Project is focused on delivering genomic technology to Canada’s beef industry. The project is conducting research to define the social and economic benefits and costs of using genomic technology in livestock improvement; to develop tools for low-cost, accurate genome wide selection methodologies for breeders; and to complete research so that genome wide selection can be used in Canadian herds for particularly difficult yet valuable traits. This technology will substantially increase rates of genetic improvement in Canadian cattle herds, thereby improving producer profitability and product quality in Canada.
Updates for 2013
•    The project has garnered the support of all the major Canadian Breed Associations which have been instrumental in providing pedigree lists and samples.  To date, we have received over 50% of the samples needed to meet our sequencing and genotyping goals.  In many cases, the samples received have been for key historic bulls which are rare and very valuable.  
•    Sequencing and genotyping of key historic bulls are progressing at a fast rate.  54% of our sequencing has been completed and 27% of genotyping has been completed.
•    A national survey was completed in October 2012 that targeted Canadian public understanding of and attitude towards the use of genomics in breeding for residual feed efficiency which will ultimately result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  The results suggest that the public may be lukewarm towards but not opposed to this use of genomic technology.